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Monday, January 4, 2010

Show Your Support

Hey, Fake-Rob Williams here. OMG, can you even believe how well the color pink says "love"?

Anyway, it seems that "I Am Vermont Yankee," the official brand new web site created by Vermont Yankee as part of its ramped-up public relations campaign in advance of the legislative vote, is already kaput. So it goes around here. Everything breaks! You may think the official website works, and at first blush it seems to. But look behind the nice, green veneer. For example, absolutely none of the messages you submit to the "Show Your Support" section of the official web site will show up. I should know. I've been testing it all day. I sent in a message about certain financial shenanigans, and another one about pending environmental problems. Then I sent in one about the stoned control room operator, one about the guard who shot himself in the foot, and another one about the woman in charge of checking people for alcohol impairment. (She showed up drunk.) These are controversial issues, and we need support on all of them. Big time. So what's up with an official website that doesn't take my pleas for help?

With yet another vital gizmo at Vermont Yankee on the fa-junk, I've had to make do. And I have. I've frantically created this pink, alternate and unapproved, "I Love Vermont Yankee" site. It can do what its "cousin" site just plain can't--take your messages and display them. So please, use this site to tell the world your views on Vermont Yankee and to tell the world your ideas about our energy future.

If you do go to the broken, official site, you'll note right away that it features only Vermont Yankee employees that are Caucasian and have two rows of evenly spaced teeth. Good skin, good hair. Yeah. Got 'em. I've done the same thing with this alternate, pink site. In no way and in no place will I show people who are not part of the dominant culture. Nor will I show faces that have evidence of sloth, desperation, or, worse, drug and alcohol problems. How could I? Substance abuse, while part of our corporate culture, is not part of our corporate message.

Anyway, if you have something important to say about Vermont Yankee, send in your messages to this pink site by clicking on the word "comments," which you will find just below these paragraphs I've written. See there? Where the software-generated text says, "3 comments," or "12 comments," or whatever? Click on that, and then you will see a pop-up window that shows all the comments made so far and gives you a place for you to write a new comment.

Ah, technology. It's never easy, is it? Anyway, be oh, so brave and send a message to "I Love Vermont Yankee" now. G'wan. We want your support. Need it, I'd say.